Dr Yasmin Akrum
BDS (Singapore), MSc Periodontics (United Kingdom), FAMS (Periodontics)
Periodontics Department

Yasmin has been a practicing dentist for more than 25 years. She graduated in 1993 from National University of Singapore and pursued her Masters in Periodontology at The Eastman Dental Institute (University of London) two years after.

Yasmin practised as a Periodontist for 8 years at the Singapore National Dental Centre, the largest public dental centre in Singapore. Her area of expertise is in treating patients with concomitant dental and medical issues in the field of periodontics and implantology. In addition to clinical work, she was responsible for both research and teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate dental programs at the National University of Singapore.

Yasmin left the public sector in 2008 and co founded The Oral Care Centre, a multi disciplinary dental specialist clinic. The clinic provides specialists from different fields to come up with a one stop comprehensive treatment plan.

Yasmin firmly believes in service to the community and hence, since 1998, she has participated in a numerous of volunteer dental missions to countries in South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

Yasmin enjoys the many varied walking trails NZ has to offer.  She also loves going on camping trips with her family every year, exploring different corners of her newly adopted country.

In 2013, Yasmin relocated to Christchurch for family reasons and has since been working as a dentist limited to periodontics at various private clinics. She started at Henderson’s Periodontics and Implant Centre in early 2015 and have been involved in a number of treatment modalities in the field of periodontics and periodontal disease in implants.

Christchurch Periohygiene is conceived by Yasmin to meet the needs of periodontal care for those with moderate periodontal disease, and who cannot afford specialist treatment. Periodontal (gum) disease which is treatable and even reversible if diagnosed early affects almost 80% of the population and her mission is to assist as many as possible to achieve good periodontal health which is paramount in maintaining overall health of an individual.