If you are referred from your regular dentist or hygienist for gum disease or have not seen one for more than 1 year, you will be recommended a consult and treatment plan session on the first visit. This will be done by Dr Yasmin.
If, however, you are in the maintenance phase and have been seeing your hygienist regularly but would like to try out our centre, you can see our hygienist for a charting and clean on the same day. This will be the cost of a regular hygiene session.

The cost will depend on the time spent to get the entire mouth cleaned thoroughly with or without anesthetics. Hence, there is a range for each session.

This is maintenance cleanings done to endure that periodontal disease on teeth and implants which has been stabilized does not return. It is also for cases when residual pockets are present and optimal periodontal health cannot be achieved for various reasons. Hence, careful , meticulous maintenance is the only option to prolong the longevity of the teeth. Hence, there is a range for each session.

This is to assess whether the gum disease has been stabilised after the initial active treatment. If it has, you will then proceed with maintenance.
If it hasn’t , you will then either undergo active treatment again with our hygienists or be referred to the periodontist for more complex treatment. Your options will be explained in detail during the follow up visit.

Treatment has to be completed and follow ups and maintenance adhered to. Also, good home oral hygiene is important and will be taught to ensure that you have the right techniques.

There are other risk factors that can affect gum disease progression and healing and this will affect success of treatment. These risk factors can also interact with the overall well being of the body. This information can be found in our “Patient Information” section.