Dental loupes
and LED lights.

Both the loupes and 50000 Lux LED lights are used so that the cleaning process is more thorough.  Calculus or tartar is removed by sight rather than by feel which was previously the norm. The dental assistant present provides good quality suction which further aids in the visibility to remove deeply embedded calculus.

The Wand to provide local anaesthesia.

The Wand is a computer controlled injection system. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore more comfortable. The precise control of flow rate and pressure reliably produces a controlled injection even in more “difficult” areas like the palate which is less elastic.

Gemini laser diode

This dual wavelength diode laser recontours the gum when necessary to reduce pockets when gum overgrowth is the cause of it. It does this with minimal trauma and hence healing time and post operative discomfort is at a minimum. Due to its unique dual wavelength facility, the trauma is much reduced compared to other lasers.

Prophylaxis Master:
The newest ultrasonic scaler and prophyjet

This ultrasonic scaler which removes the calculus above and beneath the gums is much gentler and has the appropriate tips to engage in the most challenging anatomy beneath the gums around natural teeth as well as implants. This is important as implants can also contract gum disease if not well maintained and yet the hygienist must be careful to not scratch or clean around the implants with inappropriate instruments.
The ultrasonic scaler also provides warm water as an irrigant and together with its gentler nature reduces sensitivity during scalings.

Oral sedation

This is available to patients who require a little extra help in decreasing their dental anxiety.

Other products to enhance the ability of our hygienists to deliver better results.