Our mission is to provide high quality hygiene services including support treatment for implants as well as periodontal (gum) treatment using the best of modern technology.

Christchurch Periohygiene was conceived to bridge the gap between well qualified dental hygienists who are already providing maintenance oral care to the public and periodontists (gum specialists) who treat moderate to complex periodontal (gum) disease involving teeth and implants.

Our dental hygienists have undergone additional training not only in diagnosis but also in skills which is needed to treat early right up to moderate periodontal (gum) disease. The latest in dental  hygiene equipment are employed as well as ensuring that chair side assistance is present to enable enhanced visibility to produce better treatment outcomes.

We also provide the whole range of periodontal (gum) services such as gum and bone graft surgeries and implant treatment. This includes both placement and treatment of failing implants. Implants require different maintenance protocols, which our hygienists provide to prevent bone loss around them. 5% to 15% implants fail over time and the earlier we detect this failure, the better the chances to correct this and reverse the changes. If the failure is detected late, the chances of losing the implants is high with low chances of replacing them due to the advanced bone loss.